Thursday 16 October 2014

Brick Lip Pencil by MAC Cosmetics

MAC makes me happy, my lipstick collection is forever growing and Studio Fix is one of my favourite foundations so it was only natural I eventually ventured into their lip pencils. I love that Southampton now has a MAC Cosmetics counter but my bank account doesn't! There was a 10% discount day recently so I took full advantage and bought my first lip pencil in a gorgeous red shade.

I have read many a fab review on the Brick Lip Pencil so it was the obvious choice for my first lip pencil. It's described as an intense golden red on the website and the perfect red on the lip. I've never really been that fused over lip pencils in the past but I really underestimated how handy they were to have. Brick is smooth and slightly harder than some high street lip pencils I've tried which makes it so much easier to apply and create the perfect cupids bow. 

I've worn Brick as a lip liner along side Ruby Woo and Enchanted One and it's incredibly long lasting. It is also soft enough to use on its own as an all over colour. Nightmoth and Cherry are both shades I want to buy next. What would you recommend?

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