Tuesday 12 October 2021

Five Happy Things // September

Oh September - it always feels like the start of a new year, it's probably the relation to school years especially as our son is back at pre-school. I feel like after a completely dismal August we had such a beautiful September and not just because it was full of baby snuggles.

We're still making the most of our smalls wins. little memories and happy moments where we can - they don't have to be a huge, momentous thing, they can be just about anything - be it a chocolate bar you treated yourself to or a long walk listening to an audiobook.

So here are five handpicked happy things from our September ...

First outing
After three weeks of rest and a couple of walks out with the boys, I finally worked up the courage to head out with Evie on my own. I'd been really anxious about getting back out again, especially as we basically locked ourselves down in August before my c-section but I did it and it felt so good to get out again. Sure I was frantically using anti-bac and in a mask but it was a lovely morning mooching around the shops while she slept the entire time.  

Heavenly Desserts
That same week I also plucked up the courage to head to my first event since February 2020! Heavenly Desserts opened in Southampton towards the end of the month so I met with a friend to fill up on delicious waffles, yummy ice cream and milk cake. Can't wait to head back with the boys!

First trip out as a four
We've been taking it slow throughout September especially as we still have Arran home on paternity but one sunny Sunday we discovered an art open day and headed over. The Arches Open Studios happens once a year, I'm gonna share a separate post on it soon but it was such a fun afternoon! We explored the studios, ate delicious food from Natty's Jerk Kitchen and Joshua loved seeing the fun art sculptures and getting a chance to paint himself.

One Month of Evie
Our darling girl turned one month old - time is going so quickly already, I can't believe it. She is the most wonderful baby, I know they say no two babies are the same but it has just been such a different experience this time around, helped by the fact we're much more chilled out as parents.  

Big Brother
I think watching J become a big brother the last few weeks has been my favourite memory of this month, it has just been so wonderful to watch. I was very nervous about Joshua becoming a big brother, worried about splitting my time or him feeling he was being pushed out but he has just blown us away. He's so helpful, he adores Evie and although he has said she will have to get her own trains if she wants to play with him when she's bigger, he's just taken every little change in his stride. It has been so incredible to watch. 

How have you spent September? Tell me what made you smile this month!

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