Wednesday, 12 May 2021

Azamara Reveals Health & Safety Protocols for Summer 2021 Sailings

Following the announcement of Azamara's return to sailing in Greece, the cruise line has revealed its ‘Explore Well at Sea’ program, building upon the brand’s health and safety commitment. Azamara, the boutique cruise line dedicated to Destination Immersion® experiences is pleased to reveal the brand's ‘Explore Well at Sea’ program ahead of the lines return to service in August.

Through Azamara's commitment to wellness, the cruise line is implementing new standards with the launch of its Explore Well at Sea program to enhance the onboard experience, keeping guests' safety and peace of mind a top priority. With the guidance of the Healthy Sail Panel, a group of the best minds and leaders in public health, biosecurity, epidemiology, hospitality, and maritime operations - travelers can expect advanced screening protocols such as fully vaccinated crew and guests, enhanced sanitation measures, and enhanced medical services. 

Azamara will continue to evaluate these protocols and update them as public health standards and the global situation evolves. Booked guests and travel partners will be advised of the latest requirements prior to voyage departure.

"Since we suspended our sailings over a year ago, we've had time to develop a strong restart plan and build on our existing health and safety protocols to ensure peace of mind for guests and crew, especially when it comes to traveling within our new world," said President of Azamara, Carol Cabezas. 
"Cruising is one of the safest places to travel, which is attributed to all the enhanced protocols set in place, and we are extremely fortunate to be guided by the Healthy Sail Panel for a healthy return to service in Greece beginning on August 28, with five back-to-back Country-Intensive Voyages and one classic Mediterranean sailing."

The Explore Well at Sea Program Highlights are as follows:

Testing & Screening
All guests will be required to be fully vaccinated two weeks prior to sailing, as an added layer of protection to keep guests and crew safe, in addition to providing a negative SARS-CoV-2 test result. Once aboard, complimentary COVID-19 testing and medical evaluations will be available.

Air Filtration
With new HVAC filtration systems, the air indoors aboard each of Azamara's ships is comparable to the fresh sea air. This advanced filtration system takes in the fresh sea air and moves it through a two-stage filter, plus copper coils, to eliminate 99.99% of germs, making the transmission of aerosol particles between spaces extremely low to virtually impossible.

Cleaning Protocols
Advanced cleaning protocols and guidelines approved by the CDC and recommended by the Healthy Sail Panel will be followed. Every nook of the ships, from bow to stern, will be regularly cleaned and sanitized. New standards include enhanced team member training, the use of EPA-certified disinfectants, and techniques like electrostatic spraying.

Medical Capabilities
An enhanced medical facility will be found onboard each Azamara vessel, with more equipment, a dedicated infectious control officer, and new isolation staterooms to provide comfortable and complementary care. New agreements will be in place with local governments, hospitals, and transportation partners to ensure guests a safe return home.

For more information on Azamara’s health and safety protocols, please visit:



  1. I can’t imagine how hard it has been during the pandemic for companies like this to continue and then moving forward be Covid compliant x

  2. It sounds like they're doing everything they possibly can! x


  3. Ah! My husband and I so badly want to go on a cruise!

  4. I've only ever been on a cruise once, when I was at school, but it's just the best way of seeing a lot of places in comfort, isn't it? And for getting dressed up for dinner every night too :)

  5. It's great that the guidelines are super clear like this and it sounds like they're taking every step possible. I know I'd feel safer as a passenger knowing everyone has been vaccinated. It's a bit of a shame for families or anyone younger who can't have the chance yet though x


  6. Oh, what an interesting post! I've never really been on a cruise but do want to one day! Glad to see all their initiatives to be covid safe. I remember seeing your tweet about cruise ships the other day! I can't wait till my whole family can go on vacation together again. Thanks for sharing xx

    Lynn |

  7. I would do anything to get away at the moment!

    Danielle |

  8. Thank you so much for sharing. I still wait that lockdown finish so that I can plan my next trip.

  9. Really hoping I'll be able to get on holiday this year- my fingers are still crossed!

    Jasmine xx


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