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Bumps a Daisy Maternity Treatments at The Ocean Rooms // Southampton

I'm a firm believer in taking care of yourself and your skin and for the last couple of years, I've made much more effort when it comes to beauty treatments. There are two salons I visit in Southampton and have done for a number of years one of which being The Ocean Rooms.

The Ocean Rooms can be found in Ocean Village, Southampton looking out onto the marina and it's a favourite of mine and many others. The decor is luxurious, the therapists lovely and they do a range of treatments for all people including maternity treatments which is how I found myself there a few weeks ago.

During my first pregnancy, I visited The Ocean Rooms for a Maternity Massage after being gifted one by friends for my baby shower so I couldn't wait to repeat the experience again this time.

Obviously, things are a little different at the moment due to COVID restrictions and I was a little nervous before my appointment but The Ocean Rooms are carrying out such great protocols that I felt really safe. 

I was booked in for the Bumps A Daisy Ultimate Bliss (85 minutes - £85.00) with Sarah and it was exactly what I needed. Exclusive to The Ocean Rooms, the completely tailored maternity experience is designed to relax the mind, body, and soul at a time when your body is working overdrive. Firstly, a blissful full body cream scrub is carried out using the Bumps A Daisy scrub which has been specifically designed to be safe and effective during pregnancy. The scrub smells incredible, super soothing, and is packed with natural olive stones to help leave skin buffed and nourished. It also contains mandarin and neroli oils which help to boost circulation and soothe an overworked body. 

Once the scrub has been used on the whole body you get to hop in the shower and wash it off before a full body massage. I really loved this step and couldn't believe how smooth my skin was after it had been used. 

Although, don't do what I did in and step in the shower with your knickers still on! 

Once clean, it's time to hop back on the massage table ready for a safe and soothing body massage designed to specifically target areas prone to stress during and after pregnancy using the Bumps A Daisy Oil to soothe those stretched and tired muscles. Grapefruit, mandarin, and neroli oils help to ease the effect of water retention, muscle fatigue and encourage a restful night's sleep whilst helping to boost circulation and smooth out stretch marks.

I'd been ill with vertigo for a number of weeks before my appointment so I desperately needed the massage, I felt as though so much melted away and Sarah really eased out some aches for me. I felt comfortable with her, well looked after, and reassured throughout my treatment which I really appreciated. I'd go back to Sarah in a heartbeat - to be honest, I'll probably need another massage by the end of this month. If you get the chance to have maternity treatments carried out, I really urge you do it, they help so much at a time your body is under so much pressure.

The Ocean Rooms carry out a full range of treatments, I'll pop a link below, and if you're Southampton based they're such a warm and friendly place to visit. There's no one else I'd go-to for massages, facials, or pregnancy treatments.

You can find The Ocean Rooms at Unit 5 The Blake Building, Ocean Way, Southampton SO14 3LN
For appointments ring 023 8178 3993



  1. Oh what I would do for a massage right now, especially for my shoulders x

  2. I'm laughing at you getting into the shower with your knickers on! Shows how zen you were! It's great that these places are now open again x

  3. oh wow this sounds like such a treat! I love the idea of pregnancy treatments, we always buy bits for the new baby but miss out the mama who needs it most. Also, you're so me, getting in the shower with your pants on, that bit made me laugh out loud!


  4. Oh wow, it looks amazing. I wish we had a place like this where I live. I never had a treatment when pregnant and that’s one thing that I regretted.

    Alice xx

  5. This looks amazing Alice and I think this is a great treatment for anyone who is expecting! x

    Lucy |

  6. OMG this sounds amazing, I love how clean and beautiful it looks. Could be a treat.

  7. This sounds and looks absolutely amazing. I'd love to have something like this. Sounds like the perfect treat! And I'm sure I'd do the exact same, hopping in the shower with my pants on. Haha. Sounds like it was bliss!!


  8. I saw this on your Instagram and this honestly sounded absolutely incredible! I'm glad you had the most incredible massage!

  9. Oh wow this looks and sounds amazing!

    Jasmine xx

  10. Oh my goodness this sounds wonderful, I’ve never in my life been to a spa! Definitely need to change that now


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