Monday 2 March 2020

What I've been Reading Through February

Can you believe it's March? The last couple of months have absolutely flown by and I've already ticked fifteen books off my reading challenge this year. The stormy weather we've been having has definitely helped because I haven't wanted to do anything but curl up and read a book, which is good for you guys because I can share what I've read recently. 

There's a bit of everything, as usual, I've really stuck to my read all the genres promise I set in 2019 and I've enjoyed it. I've found some fab books I wouldn't usually pick up which makes my little reading challenge all the more fun. 

I was recommended this book by so many people and I'm so glad I listened. This is one of the best books I've read in ages and I was so surprised by just how much I loved it. Daisy Jones and The Six was exciting and you were completely wrapped up in their world from the first page. I had to check this wasn't a real story a number of times, I think because I wanted it to be real so much. 

I didn't want the book to end, it just evoked such a powerful world of rock music, sex and drugs but in quite a captivating and magical way. It was just brilliant and one I'd read again in a heartbeat. 

I asked on Instagram recently what people's favourite reads have been and this kept coming up. Turned out I already had it in my to be read pile from my book club with the girls so I picked it up instantly. I sped through this in twenty-four hours and couldn't get enough, I was totally engrossed. I was so sure I knew who the killer was but I was kept guessing until the very end! 

It was quite a haunting way to show you the consequences of spreading rumours - totally worth picking up if you're into crime and thrillers. 

I really didn't like this at first and I had to put it back down for a week before trying again. By the halfway mark, I really warmed to Ove and wanted to wrap him in cotton wall - I think more so because I could relate him to someone I once knew. Ove is an incredibly sweet, caring man who shows so much respect to everyone no matter who they are, the boy who returned a wallet full of money, a man who gives up his time to help a woman to drive, a man who takes the wrong train just so he can sit next to a woman, he gives a home to a cat and even becomes a surrogate grandfather. All of these characters and more, present different sides to Ove. 

It was just really bloody lovely by the end and I did shed a tear or two - it was beautiful. 

This was totally fascinating and if you're interested in books surrounding the world wars definitely pick this one up. In 1939 Annie Jarman and her six young daughters were evacuated from their south London home and sent to the Sussex countryside to wait out the war. Refusing to be parted, they faced the unknown together, never imagining just how much their lives would change. It's an incredible story of survival. I would love to know where they ended up after they returned to London. 

You should all know I love a Jane Fallon book by now - they're just the right amount of chick-lit with a shocking twist that I just lap up. I wasn't sure on Skeletons at first but the good stuff finally started to appear a quarter of the way through and then I couldn't put it down. The main characters are always your typical girl next door which makes them more relatable and easier to read. This is a story of secrets and betrayals so if that's your thing, you'll love this. 

Told you I love Jane Fallon books although this one wasn't my favourite. I didn't gel with the main character, it felt a bit all over the place and the ending was rushed. There were parts I did enjoy but I wouldn't pick this up again. I'd say if you were going to read a book by Jane Fallon, don't start with this one. 

What have you been reading recently?

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