Sunday 11 November 2018

Five ways I switch off from being 'Mum'

Being a mum... it's bloody hard work isn't it? Here I am in my sweat pants, mum bun and lunch crusted into my top trying to reclaim a little bit of me while I sip a coffee and fend off an over excited one year old shouting Dougieeeee.

It's exhausting, overwhelming and exhilarating but even though I adore being Joshua's mum, I also quite like switching off and just being Alice for a while too. 

And that's okay. It's okay to not just be a mum because you're also a human and babies are knackering and you are great. You're not just a mum, you're you too.

I left Joshua for the first time pretty early on, he was about six weeks old and I took myself off for a coffee, a quick shop in Chanel for a much deserved treat of the lipstick kind and a new book. That new book is still sat on my bookshelf unread, sure I've read books in between and I've tried to read this particular one but I've never quite got past the first chapter but I keep it because that book is my reminder that I need a break every now and then because I deserve it.

Take a breather
I'm terrible at taking time for myself even before I had Joshua so I really do try and make the effort now, whether it's a cup of coffee in piece for ten minutes, a book or cocktails with my best friend. It's during these moments that I get to relax with no makeup on or grab my heeled boots and a small bag without any wet wipes in and just be me, well a little less me because a hangover with a baby? Yikes!

Talking of books, have you read Paige Toon's Five Years from now yet? If not, do it! It had me sobbing and laughing.

Book in a date with a friend
If it wasn't for the support of my friends the last year, I'd have been even more of a sobbing mess in the corner than I already am butttttt I have a bloody marvellous support network who are always there for a moan, cry or prepared to knock back five Aperol Spritz and a pizza the size of my eye bags with me which helps. 

I know I'm lucky, I have amazing baby free friends and a really lovely and supportive group of mum friends so I have numerous date options. The hardest decision? Choosing where to eat!

Pamper, pamper, pamper
The beauty blogger in me will never die, fact. I love a pamper, my Sunday nights were always reserved for a bubble bath, face mask and the beauty bloggers chat back in the day and that hasn't changed much since becoming a mum, I always make sure I have time to chill in a bath once a week.

Don't worry, I shower in-between too!

The products won't test themselves after all or at least that's my excuse. I've even started going to  a beauty salon again to get my nails done which I haven't done in forever and I make sure I go on the late night opening as they always have complimentary cakes and prosecco to celebrate which makes for a happy Alice.

Solo coffee dates
A few years ago after going through a rough patch in life, to try and help myself I started venturing out more on my own. I've always loved solo shopping trips, flying on my own and just enjoying my own company but I always felt a bit odd going for coffee on my own because I thought it looked a bit sad - silly right?

It's actually one of my favourite things to do now and when my grandma ventures down to give me a hand with the sproglet, it's the first thing I go out and do and not just because she always sticks a fiver in my hand for a coffee. Pocket money still exists when you're 28, who knew?!

Now sleep is a biggy when you're a parent, you either get it or you don't. Joshua has always been a relatively good sleeper so we've never been horrifically sleep deprived but if he could start sleeping through that would be marvellous.

To help even just a little bit there's a few different products I use to help me mellow out, number one being the This Works Pillow Spray, I even have the baby version for Joshua. I'm a firm believer of using lavender to chill out so I light candles, use a bit of Lush Cosmetics Sleepy and my fave spray and chill. It helps me get ready for my night of broken sleep and definitely makes a difference for me.

And like I said, if Joshua could just start sleeping through now...

Being a mum is amazing, rewarding and honestly, I do love it but it's totally okay for me to be Alice too.

You don't have to be just a mum.

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