Wednesday 21 February 2018

Pixi MatteLast Liquid Lips

Trying to find my style again when it comes to make up since having Joshua has been more difficult than I realised and who knew some mums can be so judging because you've put a bit of slap on? It's a ball this parenting lark, I'll tell ya! So in the spirit of bold lips and not giving a F, I present to you some matte lip shades that really are worth your time, even at £16 each.

Pixi have been bashing out new release after new release and I've been welcoming them with open arms because unbelievably, there isn't one I don't like. At the tail end of 2017, Pixi dropped the MatteLast Liquid Lip collection into my mitts and I've been applying them ever since, well between some of my already fave shades.

The Pixi MatteLast Liquid Lip collection features six shades of full on colour and all day wear. Each one features the unique Pixi Petal applicator which provides even and precise application and the slim packaging makes it easy to store too. Now lemme go back to that applicator because it is incredible. I thought the KVD applicators were good but these are next level, it is almost as if they have suspension when applying to give you the most perfect pout. You really must try them because you are gonna be in love. 

When it comes to the formula, it is light, applies well and is extremely comfortable thanks to it being infused with rosehip oil. I usually find lighter matte formulas to be a bit drab but this isn't the case with the MatteLast Liquid Lips. The liquid quickly sets to a veil of matte colour which lasts through coffee, food and the fourth baby melt down of the day. The best bit? They last the time promised and they do it without drying my lips out. There's that rosehip oil coming into play again.

I have five of the shades available Au Naturelle, Evening Rose, Matte Beige, Really Rose and Pastel Petal, the only one I don't have is Prettiest Pink but I'm not really a pink gal so I'm okay with that. Each shade is easy to wear, suitable for a whole host of skin tones and will take you from day to night with a swish of re-application. The retail at £16, so a little pricey but for formula, wear time and reliability the price is right. 

Have you tried the Pixi MatteLast Liquid Lips yet? What's your favourite shade?

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