Sunday 27 August 2017

Pregnancy Diary Weeks 32-34

My second pregnancy diary installment has come around a lot quicker than expected! I am now 34 weeks and Splodge is the size of a Quokka, seriously Google it as you won't be disappointed. I wouldn't mind a baby and a Quokka to be completely honest. We have six weeks to go now and we've had a busy few weeks so buckle in guys, I'll try not to make it too long.

We've spent the last two weeks getting our home up together for his arrival as Arran booked a week of annual leave so we could get everything done. Drawers and storage were bought from Ikea, Arran and I didn't have an argument while he built the drawers and all the big nursery bits have been delivered. You can have a look at What's on our Cosatto Easi Peasi and now we just have the Snuzpod and iCandy to build before the final bit of storage goes up. The hospital bags are also packed and I've washed all the baby clothes! I cried when we packed the baby's bag as I just became really overwhelmed about bringing this tiny human home.

I'm doing good, still no real aches and pains other than my back that twinges occasionally, a pregnancy massage which was a gift from my best blogging girls sorted that out though! I'm still sleeping fine, I'm a bit less comfortable but once I find my position I'm ready for a deep eight hour slumber! I'm basically just a pregnant sloth because I have a two hour afternoon nap most days too. 

I'm still big on watermelon and salt and savoury foods have made an appearance again. I just keep thinking about really salty chips! I've also found that I want really comforting dinners all of a sudden and the thought of salad makes me want to hide even though I'm such a salad fiend in the summer months much to Arran's annoyance. My head says eat healthy foods and my heart is like nah treat yourself. It's a vicious circle.

I've had my 34 week midwife appointment this week, you may have seen on Instagram that I've not exactly had the best experience of antenatal care because, well there just hasn't been any so I was dreading my latest appointment. I was basically told the reason for this is not enough midwifes, budget cuts and being too stretched, which I get, I really do but as a first time mum who is frigging terrified of having to push out a human, a little more care and information would be fab. The midwives words were "Unless you're a domestic abuse victim or an asylum seeker, you don't get consistent care" and I'm still not sure how to take that. Obviously being in either of the above situations is awful enough but I feel like it's a comment that didn't need to be made but maybe that's just me. She could've just stuck with the under staffed, over stretched line. 

Bubba is head down and in position though and he's just above my pelvis so hasn't quite made his decent down yet but he still has a few more weeks to cook so I'm not worried. My next appointment is to discuss my birth plan or birth ideas as I like to call it as knowing me, it'll all go to shit and be thrown out anyway. As far as I'm aware I'm getting the very first midwife I saw back but let's not hold our breaths on this one. I hope it's true though as she's the only one I've felt comfortable with. 

Arran and I are making the most of still being a two with some date nights and coffee trips planned over the next coming weeks. Hopefully the next two weeks are just as plain sailing! 

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