Monday 9 May 2016

It Does It All by Dr. PawPaw

Occasionally a product comes along that finds its way straight into the love pile, it doesn't happen all that often and it certainly doesn't happen often with hair products but Dr. PawPaw pulled out the big guns and created It Does It All, a 7 in 1 hair treatment styler that is pretty incredible. 

I'm all over multi use products because I'm lazy, if a product can save me ten or so minutes, I'm yours and with the product aiming to do all of the following, it's a keeper:

1. Heat Protection
2. Reduces Split Ends
3. Detangling
4. Leave In Hair Treatment
5. Reduces Frizz & Smoothes
6. Blowdry Styling Aid
7. Adds Shine

The 7 in 1 hair treatment cream contains natural fermented pawpaw which can be used for so many different things, I'm never without the original balm and use it on my skin, nails and hair. It Does It All is designed for all hair types and can be used by men, women and children so it's a real money saver. I've been using the treatment on damp hair the most as a detangler and to help smooth my hair. With Dr. PawPaw's signature scent of mango and coconut, it also keeps my hair smelling gorgeous and unlike some leave in treatments the scent hangs around, especially when I'm swishing my hair about. There is no tacky feeling and my hair doesn't feel weighed down by the product either.

The pump action bottle makes it really easy to use and I just spray it all over my hair, rough it up a bit and allow my hair to dry naturally as I rarely use heat on my hair. My hair feels smoother and less knotty with a beautiful shine to it. It Does It All is £12.99 for a 150ml bottle and thanks to the spray nozzle you'll only use what you need as it sprays it evenly on hair so it should last a while too. The bright yellow bottle has taken up residence in the front row of my hair care products and I can't see it being pushed back any time soon. 

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