Tuesday 3 May 2016

Avon Perfectly Matte Lipsticks

It's been a long time since I've ordered anything from Avon, there was always an Avon catalogue floating around when I was growing up and my mum orders from them religiously but I think I just lost interest over the years. A friend of mine was making an order last month and had mentioned to me about the Perfectly Matte range knowing how much I love a matte lip so as these bargain tubes of colour were only £5.00, I quickly chose two lipsticks in my favourite shades.

(T-B Coral Fever, Lady Danger, Superb Wine, Rebel)

A few weeks later Superb Wine and Coral Fever arrived and I have to say, Avon have seriously upped their game. MAC Cosmetics better watch out because someone's about to steal your lipstick crown. The Perfectly Matte range features fifteen must have shades from subtle nudes to bold reds. They claim to be more matte than MAC, delivering a lick of lasting colour in one sweep. I wasn't holding out much hope but I'm really impressed with both the lipsticks. Coral Fever a vibrant orange red is the exact dupe of Lady Danger, while Superb Wine could easily pass as Rebel, a plummy purple. 

The lipsticks apply like a soft cream but leave a lasting matte finish which I can confirm lasts through coffee and cake! Plus they don't leave chin colour, you know when you stuff your face too much and end up with a lipstick stained chin. We've all been there. 

Another thing I was dubious about was if the Perfectly Matte range would dry out my lips or leave unsightly flaking but not a flake or dry patch in sight. For £10.50 cheaper than MAC, I'd happily buy the whole range, lipsticks are my first love after all. Au Naturale and Red Supreme are going down on next months order.

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