Monday 30 June 2014

MAC Cosmetics Mineralize Heat Element

This is the first time I have stepped into the world of Mac's Mineralize Eyeshadows and I managed to pick this up in a blog sale one of my friends had recently. This one is called Heat Element and it is gorgeous. The top shadow is a rich, yellow gold and the bottom shadow is a rusty, brown and they complement each other perfectly.

Mineralize eye shadows can be used wet or dry but I personally think you get a much better pigmentation when used wet. In the swatch I applied these dry and in natural light. You can see how well they show up on my milk, white skin. I apply these using my base and crease Real Technique brushes and blend out with a sponge. The only problem I do find with these is that there is quite a bit of fall out so make sure you use some primer and hold a piece of tissue under your lower lashes when applying. 

You can pick these up for £16.50 and you get 2.2g of product so quite a bit more than a normal shadow. They come in Mac's signature black packaging with a flip lid. Inside the shadow is domed and the colours spilt.. just be careful as I've been told by a few people that these easily break. The shadows have convinced me to check out some more products from Mac's mineralize range. What would you recommend to try next?

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