Wednesday 2 March 2016

Three MAC Lip Liners You Need

I've spoken of my love for MAC Cosmetics lip liners many times. I was never a lip liner kinda girl but now I wouldn't wear a lipstick without using one as they just enable you to have the most perfect pout. There are so many shades to chose from when it comes to their lip liners, probably one for every lipstick available but let's be honest, who really has the cash for that? I choose my lip liners based on being able to wear them with multiple lipsticks so today I give you three fail safe lip liners, the three you only really need for your reds, nudes and deep berries. 

Soar is the ultimate nude, it's the shade that had everyone in a tiss before Kylie Jenner revealed the real reason for her pumped up pout and it's one I would purchase again and again. It's a muted brown, pink and it just makes me lips look that little bit better. I use this with so many of my nude lippies, not just my MAC ones. 

Brick was the first lip liner I purchased and I'd originally bought this to wear with Chili, a matte lipstick from MAC. It's described as an intense golden red but I've found this to work with even the bluest of red lipsticks. I couldn't wear a red lip without this now and the minute it's a stubby little pencil, I'll be popping back in store to buy another. 

I'd wanted to try Nightmoth for so long, I'm a huge fan of dark berry lips so I wanted a dark lip liner that would pair perfectly with Diva, Sin and Rebel. Nightmoth was suggested to me on many occasions and I finally bought it back in the Autumn. It wears well with each of the mentioned berry lipsticks and also with Glastonberry by Charlotte Tilbury. 

So there you have it, three shades to set you up on your lip liner journey! If you have these shades, you don't really need anything else. 

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