Wednesday 9 March 2016

Decleor Facial Treatment

There is nothing better than an afternoon of pampering and that's exactly what I did last wednesday with Decleor. I headed into my local counter within John Lewis, West Quay for one of their Diagnostic Treatments with Natalie. Decleor has been leading the way in aromatherapy skincare for more than forty years and it's always their products I reach for when my skin truly needs some love and care.

Natalie started my treatment by working on my back. It's not often I have a massage but it made me feel so calm and relaxed. The scent of their products due to the use of premium essential oils lulls you into such a relaxing state. The treatment was started this way as hot points on your back can determine problem areas on your face which I found really interesting. It also matched up completely to what I was told in a previous facial in February, I have some work to do! 

I've used Decleor products for a few years now and Natalie started with one of my favourites. the Essential Cleansing Milk, it smells incredible and it's calms my skin while removing any dirt and grime, she followed this up with the Refreshing make up remover and the tonifying lotion. 

I had a number products used throughout the treatment with the Multi Protection Mask and Light moisturising cream, both of which are part of the Hydra Floral range, being firm favourites. The treatments last an hour where you will also be given your own prescription card to take away with you so you know exactly what products were used and what to buy. Decleor in John Lewis, West Quay have their treatment room all year round so you just need to ring up the counter to book in. 

There is a booking fee of £40 which is redeemable against products and I'd be surprised if you didn't come away with something as the products are fabulous. If you're new to Decleor then a treatment would be the perfect way to discover their products. Decleor have also just released their new Hydra Floral Anti-Pollution range which aims to give skin the hydration it needs after battling with everyday pollution, stress and emotion. 

Ring Natalie at Decleor John Lewis - 0238 021 6323 to book your treatment.

Complimentary treatment for the purpose of review - see disclaimer.
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