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Hello and welcome to my little corner of the internet!

I'm Alice, a late twenty something from Southampton on the South Coast of England living with my fiance Arran and our son Joshua. Over the last few years I've gone from living a life of sun and sangria in Spain to settling down in my home city working as a full time blogger, sipping flat whites, rummaging through Zara and teaching Joshua to say bum while watching a lot of Hey Duggee. 

Alice Anne, formerly Annie Writes Beauty started as a beauty blog in 2014 as a space to share my love of all things matte lipstick and shimmer eyeshadow which also gave me an excuse to buy even more! Beauty has and always will be at the heart of my blog but as I've grown so my blog has too. 

You'll now find a selection of lifestyle posts from my latest reads to my first time using a menstrual cup to my not so secret love of cruise ships as well as an insight into our very honest journey as parents to Joshua

All my contact details are in the side bar where you'll find me tweeting about perfectly groomed puppies or how much I love Instant Hotel or if photos are more your thing, hop on over to Instagram!

If you would like to contact me regarding opportunities, my email is

Please note - I do not place pre-written content on my blog nor do I accept guest posts.

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