Thursday, 21 November 2019

Easy Tips for Cheaper Days Out

Day trips, eating out, holidays. The costs can quickly add up if you aren't careful. Especially if you have kids in tow. We all know the little handy tips about taking reusable drinking bottles out with you or packing your own lunch. 

But is there anything else you can do to help you keep the costs down when it comes to those special treats and enjoying family time out and about experiencing new things and enjoying each others company?

Look for Deals
There are so many places you can get deals on and offline these days. If you are savvy, you can plan in plenty of time and save some money on trips throughout the year.

For meals out, why not take advantage of a Bella Italia voucher for a nice family meal. Or visit discount sites to look for offers for local attractions. Some require you to book in advance, others you simply need to show up on the day with your offer code to redeem it.
Go Out of Season.

More of a tip for those with babies or toddlers. But travelling to attractions, or even taking holidays can be considerably cheaper during term times or even out of season. Take advantage of quieter times and lower prices by avoiding peak season. You can even save on travel with railcards, discounts on flights for midweek travel or even late-night trips. 

Free Local Events
Integrate yourself with your local community and check out what events are happening in your area. Get on Facebook and search for local groups, businesses and associations that put on classes, sessions, events, activities and more for people of all ages, not just kids throughout the year.

Your local council will also have information on anything up and coming you can take part in. You can even look for bloggers in your local area. Chances are, they will be up to speed on everything taking place.

Get Out and Explore
Draw a list of everywhere you want to visit locally to you - or a short drive away and go. Whether it is a National Trust property, your local coastline or country park or historical site.

Maybe you can write everywhere you want to go down and put them all separately into a jar. Then when you need somewhere to visit, simply draw a place out of the jar and off you go for a fun surprise. Get it ticked off your bucket list so you can make a new one and explore different places.

Go for a walk, or even get the bus to explore more of your local area. Head to the bus station and pick a different number bus you wouldn't normally get on and see where it takes you. You never know, you may end up finding a new favorite place to visit. Even if you don't it will have gotten you out of the house for a fun low-cost day out. Just don't forget the picnic!


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  1. Hehe my husband and I are pro's for good deals! Thanks so much for these tips. We haven't been away in ages I just feel so bad leaving my dog babies at home.


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