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The Ultimate Checklist For Your BFF's Hen Party

So you've recently acquired the awesome job of throwing a hen party for your BFF (or perhaps another close pal?) Congrats, this is where the fun begins! Throwing a friend a hen party is a wonderful experience, so long as you take the time to get organised first. At first, it can feel like there are endless things to do, but the other bridesmaids will likely be able to relieve some of that pressure. To help you out, this ultimate checklist has everything you need.

1 . Talk to your BFF
First things first, talk to your BFF about what kind of bridal shower she would prefer. Ask her if she is happy to let you take care of the details as a surprise event? If not, ask what her requirements are. Would she prefer an intimate gathering or a full-blown party? Does she want to keep it just the girls or have all the guys welcome too? Is she more into a daytime or nighttime event? Ask if she has any ideas about a theme too. Some friends are happy to let you take the lead and make all these choices yourself. Others want to be involved -  so consult your pal beforehand. 

2. Guestlist
The next step is to write the guest list; if you're going all out with a big party, you might need to do a bit of Facebook stalking to find those friends who you aren't so familiar with! If you're keeping it an intimate soiree, you might need to do a bit of whittling down to see who makes the final cut. For example, your BFF may have asked for close friends only. If you have to keep the guest list small- don't worry about offending anyone. Simply make decisions based on the bride's wishes, and you can't go wrong. 

3. Pick a theme
Depending on what kind of bridal shower you are throwing, you may want to choose a theme. A theme can be a great way to make the day more fun, plus it can make for some truly excellent photographs. It’s also a great excuse to go all out with the decorations to match the theme. Some popular bridal shower themes include black-tie or an elegant ball, Parisian themed, fairytale, pyjama party, tropical or movie stars. The theme doesn’t have to be completely grand or niche if that’s not your BFF’s thing. You could just as easily be choosing a colour scheme or a style of dress that you ask everyone to come in. 

4. Sort the invites 
Once your theme is decided upon, you can prepare the invites. If you have a graphic designer pal, you might be able to call upon their skills to help you to do this. If not, you could try using Canva- it’s an online website/app which allows you to create a huge range of awesome designs. You don’t have to be an artist to use it and design something amazing. There are a bunch of pre-made templates for invites, and you can upload or create your own photos, fonts, and typography as you 

5. Playlist
For many celebrations, a playlist is vital to set the mood! Whether a garden party or intimate dinner; your playlist should reflect the atmosphere which you are trying to create. Most importantly, your playlist should be comprised of all of your bride's favourite tunes. It can be handy to have a gathering with all your bridesmaids and get them to help you to create a playlist on Spotify. Why not add a few bottles of wine and make a real night of it? 

6. Photographer/Videographer 
You’ll want to get as many perfect pictures of the day as you can, so it’s key to think about who is going to do the pictures and videos. You might just want to give this job to a friend if you’re having a smaller gathering. If you’re having a big party, you could go all out and hire a professional or a fun photo booth to compliment your theme. Photo Booths can add that real wow factor to any event, and when it’s a special occasion, sometimes, you just need to think outside the box! Getting the photo’s right at the shower will be a nice warm-up for the wedding photographs

7. Sort the games
A bridal shower can be brought to life with a couple of fun games and activities. There are plenty of sites which give ideas about the best bridal shower games, from ‘Put a ring on it’ to Wedding themed taboo. Activities can be just as fun at a bridal shower if you prefer. Perhaps your shower is pyjama/spa-themed; if so, a pampering activity could be great. At a lively party, a great activity could be a cocktail making competition or a dance-off? For something more sentimental, ask your guests to bring a pre-written memory about the bride. Read them out and get the bride to guess which story belongs to which guest. Bridal showers can be the perfect time to reminisce on all those amazing memories that you have with the bride to be. 

8. Party favours
Giving each of your guest's a party favour really adds that special touch to the day. These don’t have to be huge items; you could try chocolates or miniature bottles of sparkling wine? If not, a small plant, candle, or soap could go down a treat. When your shower is themed, the party favour should match the theme if possible. If you’ve hired a photobooth- the guests simply take their pictures home as a party favour. To save money, homemade party favours can also be a lovely personalized touch.

9. Catered or cook yourself
If you’re throwing the shower at your home, or the bride’s, now’s the time to start thinking about caterers or if you're going to cook yourself. When you’ve a smaller group, you may be happy to take on the cooking or get your bridesmaids to help. If you’ve got a larger group, you might prefer to call in a caterer to make the job easier. Either way, the most important thing is that you prioritise all of the bride’s favourite foods and drinks. When it comes to a shower, you’ll want everything to be as personalised as possible. With each decision that you make about the event, keep thinking back to your BFF's favourite things. 

10. Decorations 
Decorating the place nicely will make the shower look beautiful, plus it will enhance the quality of the pictures that you get. Perhaps you’ve got a bridesmaid who loves a bit of crafts or interior design? If so, she may be able to help with a few ideas. Again, ensure to match the decorations to your theme as carefully as you can. If you’re on a budget, take a look at some cute DIY decorations. You could always use photographs of the bride and her friends and family as an easy and inexpensive option. All you’ll need is a printer, some strings and coloured pegs to hang the pictures up. 

Organising a bridal shower yourself can be fun, yet things can be a bit stressful too! Remember to delegate the jobs between your bridesmaids and to start planning at least a few months in advance. The sooner you get everything planned and organized, the sooner you can kick back with a glass of wine and enjoy the day! 


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