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Surviving a Wedding With Children

Everyone loves a good wedding as it's the perfect chance to catch up with friends and family, witness your close friends or family get wed and have a chance to dress up too! The day can be fun and relatively straightforward if you're going on your own or as part of a couple and slightly trickier when you're invited with your young children and need to have them looking their best too. 

There are plenty of tips out there for brides, a mother of the bride dress guide and what the groom should look for in a good suit but what about younger guests? So lets talk through some clothing choices that will survive a wedding.

Comfort First
Yes, you know your little one is going to look super cute in that dress or suit but about what's going to happen once the ceremony is over. If they have a comfortable outfit on, they’ll probably be fine to wear it for the rest of the day but if stress-free is your goal, a change of clothes for the reception might not be a bad idea.

Besides which, if your child is still in nappies you’re going to need a spare outfit in case of spillages and leaks. If getting them into that adorable wedding look is too much hassle, be prepared to admit defeat. An unhappy and often vocal toddler is stressful for you and disruptive in the service. 

There'll be plenty more weddings ahead of you for dressing up.

Your Outfit
Yes, you want to look your best but you need an outfit that's going to work for you. If you're breastfeeding look for options that make it comfortable and easy for you to do so, without the stress of fighting straps and buttons. If you're likely to be active with your child throughout the day, changing nappies, bending down to pick them up and the rest, choose an outfit that is smart, comfortable and easy to move in. There's nothing more uncomfortable and frustrating than feeling trapped in your dress, worrying that it will tear if you move too much.

Be Prepared
You'll survive a wedding with your little one best if you're prepared for all eventualities. Make sure you and your partner share equal childcare duties allowing you both time to relax and enjoy a drink. Arm yourself with toys, games and all manner of distractions to keep your child quiet during the serious parts of the day.

If your child has been invited as part of the day then a little baby or toddler noise is to be expected and even welcomed. Make sure you’re happy with what you’re wearing, combining the right mix of practicality and style. You might just get away with some cute photos of your little one all dressed up. 
Don’t let it stress you out but instead enjoy watching the people you love getting married and the chance to spend a fun day catching up and enjoying a wedding to remember.


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  1. I'm a HUGE fan of leaving mine at home. Even when he is invited. Or I make sure he is picked up by 5pm - because I'm a bad mum who likes to get drunk at weddings lol

    Erin || MakeErinOver


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