Friday, 6 September 2019

Is Remote Working a Saviour for Parents?

More and more people are working from home instead of heading to a regular office each day. There are many reasons for this, but is it something that can help parents? Can you take on your parenting responsibilities while also working from home at the same time? Those questions are tough and not easy to answer but it's something more and more of us are facing. 

It's becoming much more common so we need to try and bust some myths and look at the positives.

More Employers Are Accepting of This Arrangement
Lots of employers will now be more than happy to allow you to work from home if that's what you want to do. For them, it frees up office space and is generally easier. If that's the case with your boss, you might want to try it out and see how it goes for you. The fact that bosses are so accepting of this arrangement is definitely a plus to families who could benefit from it.

It's Challenging
You need to go into this being aware of the fact that being a parent and being a worker at the same time is not easy. Both of those things are challenging enough by themselves. When you throw the two together and expect it to just work out it's quite easy to be taken by surprise by what it's actually like. You're bound to face some challenges along the way but you'll soon find your groove. 

Dividing Your Personal and Work Life Remains Important
One thing I've always found difficult working from home is dividing the two places. You need to be able to maintain a divide between your work life and your personal life. Of course, that’s not easy to do when you’re parenting and working in the same place. But you should manage your time and focus on your work at the times when you can, and dedicate yourself to family time at key moments too.

Working Remotely is Easier Than Ever
One thing you can be happy about is that working away from the office is easier than it's ever been before. You can stay in contact with the office easily enough in a wide variety of ways and with things such as screen sharing on Mac, there's no need to feel like you're a million miles away. Most of the things that need to be done can be done remotely without any real problems arising.

It Can be Great if You Get it Right
If you can get it right, working from home as a parent can really change your life for the better. It allows you to manage your own schedule in a way that works for you and it doesn't always have to be a headache. 

Remote working can be a saviour for some parents, but it's not a situation that’ll work perfectly for everyone. I think the best way to see if it'll work for you is trialing it and seeing how you get on and how it benefits yourself and your family. There's no harm in trying right?



  1. I have loved working remotely it gives me so much freedom

    Candice ||

  2. With the re-location I was hoping to work more from home - and with Margot it would have been so perfect - it's hard as I'm not earning enough from my blog so I need a plan B x

  3. I don't think I could handle it, but I can see how it works SO well! Such a good option!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  4. My job is based in London, but I now live in Yorkshire, so I mostly work remotely and go into the office once a month, which is absolutely the perfect arrangement with a toddler (and when she was smaller too). If we still lived in London and I was in the office every day I would have struggled with timings factoring in lengthy commutes as well, and it would have been very tough indeed. I am lucky enough to have a spare bedroom which is now my home office and so I can easily separate work from home life - I just shut the door and it is forgotten about. My job is very full on though so I do check emails constantly even when on holiday, but that woul dbe the same whether I worked at home or not. It also means I can make use of breaks to put a load of washing on, or quickly prep supper, which is so so helpful, rather than arriving home every evening to a mess of a house and then a panic about what to eat, while dealing with a tired toddler too. I am not sure I could ever go back to a job where I am in the office every day now!! xx

  5. I thin working remotely is great if you're the right sort of person - if you're able to draw the line between work life and home life it works well. If you're easily distracted by the TV then you should be in an office!
    Em x

  6. I currently work from home and I love it x


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