Saturday, 31 August 2019

Fun ways to get out the house & bond as a family

As a parent with a lot of responsibilities on our plates, getting through most days can be pretty stressful. We have so many different things running through our minds that can really get to us some days. Because of the busy lives we lead, we never really get a chance to chill out and when we do plans seem to have been forgotten because we've been too focused on everything else.

The good thing is that one day, things will start to slow down and we’ll be able to collect ourselves and enjoy more days out right?!

One of the best ways to enjoy free time as a family is by getting out of the house and into the sun (or rain!) While our homes are a comfortable spot, it can get a little dull – especially at the weekends. Getting out as a family and doing some quality bonding time is absolutely essential if you want to increase your overall happiness. It might not seem like a big deal now, but looking back at memories you all shared together will only increase your fondness for one another something we've really made of the most of this summer particularly. 

What can you actually do when you get out though? There are hundreds of things you could do and as everyone likes different things there's no right or wrong answer. 

However, if you'd like a little help, here are five fab ideas to get you started

Spend A Day At The Local Park 
When the weather is nice, you could do a lot worse than driving down to your local park and chilling out for a bit. The fresh air is great and good for the soul plus you'll be able to do plenty of things such as enjoying a picnic. playing rounders with the kids or seeing who can reach the top of the climbing frame. It's a fairly basic thing to do but sometimes the simplest options work out to be the best ones. 

Visit Historical Places
I'm a history buff so anything with a slice of history and I'm there. Believe it or not within a fifty mile radius of your home, there will be dozens of landmarks and cool places that are enriched with history. There's something awe-inspiring about visiting places that used to hold such significance. Learning about what was before us is so important and kiddies might find a new era to enjoy. 

Work On The Garden 
Okay... Not quite out the house but near enough! The garden is a very important aspect of your home and improving it for your family to enjoy is one of the best feelings. You can all enjoy doing stuff together and you'll probably learn a thing or two along the way. Joshua is a dab hand at watering all the plants now! Planting vegetables, replacing pond filters, mowing the lawn and even tidying up are all productive ways to spend your day together. It might all end in a water fight which is the best fun as a child.

Head Out On A Road Trip 
If a luxurious holiday destination is in your sights, lucky you but if not then a road trip somewhere fun is the next best thing. Road trips are just mini holidays after all and there's plenty of time for bonding on the way there and back. Some of my favourite memories are the road trips to a fun day out or staycation at home. Joshua is obsessed with vehicles at the moment so road trips are totally up his street and it usually ends up in a nap which is win for us! 

What are you favourite things to do as a family for quality bonding time?

(And yes that is three outfit changes in one day, he can't resist a paddle!)



  1. Today we watched harry potter? Does that count? lol, your suggestions sound way better lol

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  2. Love these pics! We always try and do something on a weekend at the mo - we love a trip to the coast / brunch and the occasional hike x

  3. I love visiting historic places and National trust locations x

  4. I love a good road trip out and head somewhere new to explore.

  5. It's SO easy to get stuck in a rut at home isn't it. There are so many beautiful places you can just wander and get an ice cream for cheap day out
    Em x


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