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That Wondrous First Year

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Babies are fascinating aren't they?

Before falling pregnant, I hadn't given it much thought, sure babies are cute and all but that was as much thought I'd given to it until I was growing my own.

From the minute I fell pregnant I was researching what was happening each week, comparing his size to various fruits and animals and keeping a close eye at what would be happening next. Waiting for my weekly update was one of my favourite things especially as my bump grew more and more.
When our son finally arrived after being very overdue, it was completely overwhelming but as this tiny person was laid upon my chest, I couldn't believe he was here and as his eyelids began to open and he let out a teeny tiny cry, I just stared for what felt like hours. From that moment, I've been in awe of him, every new thing he does, new sound, new facial expression, it's incredible.

I remember falling into a Google hole in the early hours of the morning when feeding and discovering more and more about my new tiny human.

(Joshua ten months old)

Did you know babies are born with 300 bones?* 

That’s just one of the amazing facts I found in those first few weeks just as I discovered the first 1,000 days of are what set your child up for life nutritionally. Those all important days start from conception to two years old and have so much influence on our little ones long term health. The SMA ® Baby Club became my baby bible thanks to the amount of help, guidance and support I found and knowing it’ll take me through the next few years as Joshua grows is reassuring. It’s something I’ve found incredibly helpful in my first year as a mother. Signing up to the SMA® Baby Club will provide you with weekly emails tailored to your stage of pregnancy or little ones ages.

Every single thing Joshua did in the early days astounded me and that very first smile is something I'll treasure forever, I'm sure you can relate? 

For us, the first year was incredibly special. We were getting the chance to see the world again with fresh eyes and as Joshua started to feel around, move around and eventually roll we couldn't hide our excitement. I'll always remember when he rolled over for the first time, it was the 18th December 2017 and he was nine weeks old. Maybe it was a fluke and he hadn't actually meant to roll over? At least that's what we thought and then he did it again and we caught it on camera.

(Joshua seven months old)

Behind all the fluff and happy faces we shared, we were also having a heartbreaking struggle and when Joshua was three months old we finally discovered he had a milk allergy. The first 12 weeks of his little life were filled with so many happy moments but also countless evenings with us all in tears while we battled to find out why our happy little baby was getting increasingly upset and in pain. The end of January was a huge turning point for us and as we started to resolve the problem our happy little baby appeared again and he started to develop in leaps and bounds again. 

Four months old saw the first of his teeth appear promptly followed by a second, a third and a fourth. Our beautiful gummy baby was no more and boy were those teeth sharp!

(Joshua eleven months old)

The teeth kept coming thick and fast and he had eleven as he turned one in October. Hopefully they stay in his mouth a little longer so I don't have to commence tooth fairy duty just yet. 

Months five and six were my favourite but shh, don't tell him. In those two months he started to pull himself up and crawl. I had tears in my eyes when he crawled for the first time. Turns out my Grandmother had been encouraging him all week by placing the TV remote the other side of the room and because he has an obsession with the remote he was eager to get it! He was crawling properly within the space of a week and we found a new hiding place for the TV remote before we ended up with the television permanently in Russian.

(Joshua eleven months old)

From the age of six months he changed so much. He aced raspberry blowing, learnt to bop to the radio in his high chair and mastered the word “Dada”, although after nine months of pregnancy “Mama” should definitely be the first word.

Arran and I enjoyed the unconventional milestones the most, the ones that made us cry with laughter and reminisce when we were delirious with lack of sleep. I think our favourite ones had to be when Joshua made the perfect puke face as he splattered Arran with sick for the first time and when he grabbed his nappy from under him after a pretty full poop episode and covered myself and him. 

I think we all have a poo story or two! 

In the last few months up until he turned one he learnt to walk, say hello and scale the sofa and the TV stand which I think is Joshua's personal favourite although I can't say it's mine. 

I think I almost suffered a heart attack when I walked back to the living room after being away for five seconds and he was sat on the TV stand right in front of the TV. I guess he really, really likes Paw Patrol after all. 

(Joshua one year old)

With all the fun, the milestones and the firsts I still can't help but think about all the hard times we had too. The nights we spent in tears not knowing what to do and the others we spent pleading with Google Home to give us the answer. The SMA Careline® came in handy for times like that and being able to talk to a real person for free 24hrs a day 7 days a week helped make all the difference. It’s what got me through that first year of motherhood. Speaking to the SMA Careline® feels like coffee with friends or a quiet hour with family. It’s something you can trust in those moments of self-doubt or even if you know the answer, that bit of reassurance is worth its weight in gold especially as you get the chance to talk to real mums, mums that have been there and know exactly how you are feeling.

It’s the ideal place to ask absolutely anything from a team of experts and real mums, no judgement, no unwanted advice just a helpful ear when you need it most. You can call them, they can call you back or you can get in contact with an email, it’s a really fab service and it was something I think could be incredibly valuable if you’re pregnant, a new mum or running.

Watching Joshua become the adorable walking and talking toddler he is growing into has been magical. He is one of my proudest achievements and knowing that I've helped carve this little person into a happy, lovable little soul has been the most fun even with all the poop and sick. 

Babies are just wondrous little beings. 

This blog post was written as part of a paid partnership with SMA® Nutrition - see disclaimer.

*Peate I, Gormley-Fleming E., eds (2015). Fundamentals of Children's Anatomy and Physiology: A Textbook for Nursing and Healthcare Students, page 404. UK, Wiley Blackwell.


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  5. Wow, WHERE has a year gone!?
    I'm completely with you, I'd never been a baby or child person, until I fell pregnant and now I just live in pure awe of human beings in general. The growth, development - it's crazy!


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