Sunday, 1 July 2018

June 2018 in Instagram

It seems 2018 is whizzing by and now we're on round up number six of the year! As I've said before my Instagram round ups are my least popular posts and they don't get many views at all but I love them and having a record of what I shared each month. So with that in mind, I'm going to continue sharing them, mostly for me. If you ever want to have a nose at some more then I've added an Instagram Round Up tab to the categories above. Now for June 2018...

  • June started with a farmer's market, fresh posies, delicious homemade pies and a couple of fairy cakes. This is a new thing in Southampton and it makes for a great morning with family somewhere super local. 
  • Arran and I celebrated six years together! Mum babysat so we could go on a date night which was lovely and exactly what we needed. 
  • I spent my first night away from Joshua! Room2 has recently opened in Southampton and I was invited to the launch event and to spend the night in the Hometel. Hello 8 hours sleep! 
  • I took Joshua to go and have a look at a nursery. We've been looking at The Mulberry Bush Nursery in Southampton and we're heading back today for their second opening day.
  • Joshua turned eight months old - Baby Spake is Eight Months Old.
  • June has been the month for cruise ship visits! I headed on-board Holland America Line Ms. Zuiderdam for a tour, demonstration at America Test Kitchen and dinner in a pop up seafood restaurant. I came rolling off that ship but it was worth every mouthful. 
  • I finally made my way to HarBAR on 6th's roof terrace at Southampton Harbour Hotel for a night of pizza and gin with some fab blogging babes. 
  • My bestie and I headed to The Ivy in Winchester for dinner. Let's just say we loved the cocktails! 
  • June ended on another cruise ship, this time it was Independence of the Seas. We toured the decks ourselves, had a steak lunch and spent time in the pools which was ideal in the 28 degree heat. 

June has been a fabulous month and July is looking to be just as exciting! How did your June go?



  1. I really love these recap posts. You’ve had such a great month with some exciting events. The cruise ships looked amazing!

  2. Sounds like you've had an amazing month! I loved the look of all the cruise ships and we've definitely been having some fantastic weather for outdoor events. x

  3. I love this style of post! Sounds and looks like you had an amazing month! xxx

  4. I adore that pic of you in the red lippie! x

  5. Looks like June was a cracker of a month!!!
    Em x

  6. You look like you have had such a good month lovely! Such lovely snaps too! :)

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  7. I was telling jake all about your hometel stay - mega jel!

  8. I love the lipstick you have on at HarBAR!

  9. Captain Alice appeared a lot this month x

  10. I loved seeing your little cruise adventures! x


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