Wednesday, 6 June 2018

May 2018 in Instagram

It seems 2018 is whizzing by because I'm already on my fifth Instagram round-up of the year! As I've said before my Instagram round ups are my least popular posts and they don't get many views at all but I love them and having a record of what I shared each month. So with that in mind, I'm going to continue sharing them, mostly for me. If you ever want to have a nose at some more then I've added an Instagram Round Up tab to the categories above. Now for May 2018...

  • May started off a bit crap as I wasn't feeling myself so my lovely friend Brogan arrived with smiles and flowers. We headed off for a picnic with Joshua, walked around a bluebell wood and chatted all things blog and life. It was so needed. 
  • I spent the day on P&O Cruises' Ventura to discover their new boutiques, have a full tour of the ship and have a delicious lunch in one of the restaurants. I'm now dying to go on a cruise. 
  • Arran and I celebrated his 30th birthday with sushi and cocktails, silly photos in the middle of a busy road and conversations about how old we both felt! 
  • We found the wisteria in Southampton and held a family photoshoot during a picnic. 
  • Joshua turned seven months old. You can read his update here, Baby Spake is Seven Months Old.
  • We celebrated the Royal Wedding! Meghan and Harry got hitched and I decided last minute to host a little party at home. Turns out battling to buy sausage rolls against the elderly is not my thing. 
  • I found slogan tees, finally! I love this one from Rock on Ruby - Personalised Year T-Shirt.
  • I spent the first day of the last May bank holiday weekend making posies with the girls at Jo Malone Southampton. Also bought a little something, something! Eek. 
  • Arran and I had a fab day with Joshua down in Portsmouth at the Street Food Awards eating lots of different foods. The dumplings were our fave. 

How did you May look? 



  1. I like posts like these - it's nice when nobody's worrying about views and just writing about the things they want to remember <3

  2. I love following your Insta and seeing how Joshua is growing up (he's such a cutie!) - especially as he is about a month older than Ava so it's interesting to see what which milestones are on the horizon for us, haha. The cruise boat tour sounds awesome, going on a cruise would be an absolute dream

  3. Lovely photos. I'm glad you and Brogan enjoyed yourselves together and Arran had a great 30th birthday. May started off quite meh for me and I was ill later in the month but I had a lovely few days with my family to celebrate my 31st birthday with them.

  4. I can't believe Joshua is 7 months old!! CRAZY how quickly that seems to have gone! I love these round up posts babe, hope June is fab for you! x

  5. I so love scrolling through your IG, its such a lovely feed! :D So nice watching you explore with Joshua! :)

    Erin || MakeErinOver


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