Sunday, 17 June 2018

Baby Spake is Eight Months Old

Baby Spake is eight months old! Can you believe it? We can't but it's been the most wonderful month watching Joshua change. I think the last four weeks have been my favourite, we've settled into a nice routine, he's become my shopping and coffee buddy, his laugh is infectious and we've finally been given a little break with his teeth although we think they're about to start up again.

We have six teeth in total with both his lower lateral incisors just starting to show below the gum, I'm hoping they take a little while longer though as it has been non stop for us and teeth. He does look bloody adorable with them though, especially when he throws his head back when he's giggling. They're just not that fun when he tries to take a piece out of your finger or shoulder when you're not looking. Boy, are they sharp!

The weaning is still going strong and I've become much more relaxed with it now. I still have that panicked fear that he's going to choke every time he puts something in his mouth but he is much, much better than he was. He loves his toast in the morning and we've started to introduce more finger food. We're traditional weaning and it's working really well for us especially as he loves using the spoon himself. I'm happy to report he gets the spoon in his mouth more often that I thought he would.

Sleep is still a bit of a sore point, for us anyway. Joshua has stopped rolling over as much as we now have the Sleepyhead Grand which we think has helped but he is still stirring every couple of hours whether it's because his dummy has fallen out, he wants a bottle or that he has actually rolled over and become stuck. Arran thinks it's a leap, I think Wonder Weeks is a load of crap so we're just going to let this one play out. He's started doing a few new things so it's probably a case of things clicking and his sleep has become affected because of it. 

Joshua is so close to crawling, he's on all fours rocking away and carefully putting his hand the slightest bit forward but he hasn't set off just yet! It won't be long though so we're gonna be one full baby proofing duty soon. He still loves standing up, sliding off the sofa until he is standing up and playing the trust game I spoke about in his seven month update. The involves Joshua holding on to the sofa then taps Arran to check he's there before he lets go and falls into him. He loves it and giggles so much every time he falls. We have a daredevil on our hands.

He's really chatting away now too and will sit and just shout dadadadada allllll the time with only occasionally saying mama. His personality is coming through so much, he throws silly tantrums, laughs at the most inappropriate moments and makes us smile when we really need it. He is just so lovely and I can't believe we're eight months down already. Our little star is growing up so fast. 

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    Erin || MakeErinOver

  2. Ah he's just so adorable!

    Mel ★

  3. Oh mate he's getting so big! where has the time gone??

  4. OMG how time flies - what a cutie! x

  5. These photos might just be the cutest yet x

  6. That’s came around so fast! He’s doing so well. Hopefully his sleeping routine falls into place soon.

  7. EIGHT MONTHS?! WHERE HAS THAT GONE! They need to stop growing x

  8. Ahhhh what an absolute cutie!! Alice xxx

  9. Time goes so quick doesn't it! xx

  10. Aww I can't believe he's so old already !! I can't believe our babys are growing up Alice!! x

  11. He is just absolutely gorgeous and it's so nice seeing how well he is progressing. He's going to up and running round before you know it!! xx

  12. Awwww what a little cutie! My nephew is 2 months and it's crazy how much they change in such a small amount of time.

    Alicia Xo


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