Thursday, 29 March 2018

A Night with Grosvenor Casino Southampton

A casino isn't somewhere I think of first when it comes to hanging out with friends, mainly because casinos in the UK aren't like how you see them in Las Vegas. I've been to two in my life, both in the early hours of the morning and both weren't that welcoming. They were dark, full of drunk men and my worst nightmare so I never went back until recently. Grosvenor Casinos invited me to an evening at their Southampton venue for cocktails, dinner and a learn to play session and I was so surprised at just how amazing the evening was. 

Myself and six other bloggers headed to the venue just off West Quay Road where we were welcomed with open arms and cocktails by Conor, the general manager. Conor introduced us to the staff that would be with us for the evening, talked us through the cocktail menu before placing our orders for us and explained a bit more about the casino and how it's evolved over years. My previous idea of a casino couldn't be more wrong now. 

Once we were all together with drinks in hand, we were led through to the restaurant. We were seated at a beautifully set table with flavoured water waiting for us before we were handed menus by Kristina. I was expecting pub grub on the menu, a few burgers, fish and chips and maybe a steak but I was actually quite blown away at just how good them menu was. We all just sat there for a few minutes, overwhelmed with choice. I ordered the Salt & Pepper Dusted Calamari followed by a Rib Eye Steak with succulent mushrooms, salad and chips. Somehow I found room for dessert and opted for the Salted Caramel Chocolate Roulade. I couldn't fault a single thing when it came to the food or service. It was so much more than I expected and I've been telling anyone that'll listen how impressed I was. 

After filling our stomachs with as much delicious food as we could, we made our way down to the betting floor where we were introduced to Paul who was our Learn to Play host for the night. We started on the Roulette table with not one of us having a clue what to do, Paul was extremely patient with us. We were given our chips, explained the game and then started betting. Thankfully we weren't paying with real money because we were all pretty bad. We focused on lucky numbers, colours and hoping for the best which I suppose is what any real player would do anyway?

After losing all our chips and having a go at flicking the ball around the roulette wheel we moved on to the Blackjack table where we were just as careless with our betting. We had so much fun that had we not all had work or babies to get back to we probably would've spent a considerable amount of time there, especially as it's open 24 hours. You can head to the Southampton Bloggers Instagram to see the highlights story on the night and all our betting fun. 

I had the best evening with great friends in a surprising location. It wasn't what I expected at all and I'm glad I had a completely different experience and was pretty much blown away by how great the night was. I'm even dragging Arran back to the restaurant for a date night because the steak was so good. Grosvenor Casino are dotted all around the country so if there is one by you, you should definitely give it a go, you might be as surprised as me! 

Complimentary Grosvenor Casino experience for purpose of review - see disclaimer.

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  1. YUM!! The food looks amazing! Cannot beat some late night betting too! Especially with a big glass of wine lol

    Erin || MakeErinOver


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