Friday, 16 February 2018

Four Blogging Mums You'll Adore

Becoming a mum is the most incredibly rewarding thing I've done yet but it's also the hardest, nothing quite prepares you but there are people along the way that make it that bit easier. When we discovered I was pregnant, I made a promise to myself that I wouldn't fall down the Mumsnet forum hole. I stuck with reading books by Giovanna Fletcher and The Unmumsy Mum, I wanted real, funny and straight talking mums to look to and keep me sane when I needed it most.

Some of my favourite bloggers were pregnant the same time as me and I loved staying updated with how their pregnancies were going and seeing their beautiful newborns being introduced to the world. Each of them are also incredibly honest when talking about pregnancy, newborns and motherhood and I find that reassuring. Especially as I could message anyone of them if I needed to. So here are four blogging mumsmwho I think you'll adore too...

Queen of midi skirts and finding the best fashion on Asos, Hannah gave birth to Atticus at the beginning of 2018. Throughout her pregnancy, she shared week by week snippets, thoughts on becoming a mum and of course how to slay fashion while dressing a baby bump. She is incredibly honest, relatable and doesn't skirt around how crap it can sometimes be. 

I discovered Ruth through her sister, Sarah of disastersofathirtysomething and promptly fell in love. Ruth is pregnant with her second baby with the adorable Jet being their first born. Ruth is basically the cool, together mother I aspire to be but haven't quite nailed yet. Their baby announcement video was probably the BEST one I have ever watched and it made me crush on Ruth even more. I've linked her youtube above so make sure you go and have a nosey. 

Morgan is such a babe, she's warm, supportive and has the most beautiful little girl called Alice. I loved following her pregnancy and even more so now she shares the most gorgeous snaps of Alice. Morgan makes me want to have a girl so much! Her honest captions on Instagram make me laugh and her stories are fab too. I'm also so in awe of the beautiful shots she captures of Alice, especially when sharing her age milestones. 

I have followed and talked to Rebecca for years. She was mum to gorgeous Safiyah when I discovered her, before Florence and Poppy came along making it three girls. Rebecca vlogs their lives on Youtube, sharing videos from day to day life, parenting hacks and tips and tricks. I swore by her newborn essentials video and bought pretty much everything on her recommendation. She documented her latest pregnancy with Poppy very honestly, and it's one thing that makes me adore her, there's no bullshit. 

I hope you enjoy these lovely ladies as much as I do!



  1. I absolutely love this post. It's amazing to see bloggers promoting bloggers that they love!

    Beauty & The Blouse |

  2. Love supportive posts like this. Such a happy post xxx

  3. This is such a lovely post Alice! All you mummas are so so fabulous xxx

  4. I LOVE Mrs Meldrum, I found her when AJ was smaller! So lovely! :)

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  5. I love this post, it makes me feel all emotional and fuzzy x

  6. It’s so lovely to see bloggers cheering on other bloggers - I love Hannah Gale!
    Em x

  7. Love when people share the love! And I'm so glad you had some people to share your experiences with and learn from!

  8. So nice to see such a supportive group x

  9. What a fab idea for a post! I love how you’ve all been there and supporting each other.

  10. I literally have no plans to produce a child just yet, but totally bookmarking this for the future. I love how many people are keeping it real now. I used to work in childcare many moons ago and the biggest insecurities came from mums worrying that they weren't doing a good enough job, and this new-age support system coming from brutally honest people has done such wonders to help combat that! x


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