Sunday, 1 October 2017

September 2017 in Instagram

Another month, another Instagram update. I've done these for a number of years now. I love having a quick look back on the month and to kinda just say, hey I'm still here! Instagram is painful at the moment, an app I once loved is now incredibly difficult to grow and I'm fast falling out of love with it so, if you're not following, just search alicespake or click the icon on the right. Stupidly, it would mean more than you realise...

  • I kicked September off with a Pumpkin throwback because munchkin pumpkins are bloody cute. The 1st of September also meant I could finally say "I'm having a baby next month!".
  • My world! Arran and I are getting so, so excited to have our little one here at last. 
  • Jurlique surprised us with a little bundle of baby products which smell absolutely delicious, Splodge is officially going to be the best smelling baby ever. 
  • Arran and I were also surprised with a fabulous gift from Google. They sent us the Google Home device which does just about everything bar hoovering. I've been so surprised at just how much we've used it in September. 
  • It's bump and I <3 
  • My sister, Emily and I went to Jo Malone for fragrance matching as I wanted a scent to symbolise my pregnancy and we had the best day finished off with coffee and cake. 
  • Conkers are here!! I can't wait to take Splodge conker collecting.
  • We're in the final stages of my pregnancy now, I've pre-written this so there's every chance he may even be here once this goes live! EEK!
  • The Autumn equinox arrived and with that so did my candle, blanket and fairy light obsession.

What have you been up to this September?



  1. I’ve been loving your ig feed on September! Oh, not for a long to your baby to arrive :-)

    Ps. That swipe up thing on IG - need it, want it, it’s so convenient. Got few steps on it though :-D

    ~ Jasmin N

    1. Ah thank you lovely! The swipe up feature is so handy xx

  2. Always great to recap! Shows how far you have come :) great photos too, and congratulations on your little one! Hope your not waiting too long :) xx

    1. Exactly, plus I love looking back at my favourite moments xx

  3. It seems to be the case for a lot of people with them changing the algorithm all the time. Love these photos, they completely reflect the season. You and your bump look gorgeous.

  4. I love your feed on insta! Your photos are always so gorgeous! I do agree that it’s frustrsting at the moment which is a big shame and it’s fading my love for it. Also, that teeny pumpkin is so cute!!

  5. I love the Pumpkin throwback - but then again, I love absolutely anything Pumpkin related. I'm basically Autumn daft! Bump is looking lovely, hope your well xx

  6. i love your instagram feed and your photos are so clear!


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