Wednesday, 12 July 2017

New In for Summer from Skinn

I first discovered Skinn last year after trying out their foundations which are fab for paler skin. My Foundations for Pale Skin post went down a treat and the brand has been on my radar ever since. I had some skincare bits and pretty makeup pieces land in my mitts and so I got to work testing them out to see if they matched up to their fabulous foundation.

If you haven't heard of Skinn before, lemme give you a little background. Available via Ideal World, Skinn bring innovative skincare to the masses with groundbreaking products to help you stay looking your fabulous best. Their focus is what goes into the product and how it will make you look more than fancy packaging which really brings their motto of what counts is inside to life. I really do enjoy using their products and injecting some more life into my skin.

Correcting my skin to create the perfect base is something I've started doing more since I've got older. The Forget Me Not palette is what colourful dreams are made of and I love the way each shade is displayed, plus it comes with a brush! If you're new to correcting then the handy booklet inside the box will let you know whats what. Each shade is super creamy, blends well and doesn't gather on skin, it just helps neutralise any problem areas you may have. I then just apply my foundation over the top and viola, good to go! It's such a handy little kit to have in your makeup stash. 

This is the ultimate beauty treat. The five piece collection includes Hydra Vital Deep Moisture Replenishing Cream, Flash Flood Glacial Hydrating Mist, Stem Rejen Facial Serum and Shade and Blush Compact! Having not tried their skincare before, I've really loved using the Deep Moisture Replenishing Cream, especially as my skincare has become so dry while pregnant. It's incredibly nourishing yet light which I love. 

As well as the skincare, you'll also find the Shade and Blush Compact, pretty peaches and rosy golds for eyes and cheeks. The sleek, black palette comes with a full size mirror for on the go touch ups. The shades are highly pigmented and blend beautifully across skin. The blush gives my skin a pinky glow while the rose gold and mauve shadows make my blue eyes pop. I'm not usually a pinky fan but I may just have to try them out more.

All products are available via Ideal World where you'll also find more of Skinn's products. You're bound to find something you'll want to try. 

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  1. That skin correcting palette looks absolutely stunning

    Beauty Candy Loves

  2. love the look of the skin correcting palette, how interesting! x

  3. That flash flood hydrating glacial spray sounds so good! I've been seeing it around and it sounds like something my skin would love.

    1. I was so intrigued when it arrived too, it's fab! xx

  4. I have been enjoying the Shade & Blush palette from this collection. Its a lovely concise palette full of really wearable shades. I have been getting a lot of use from it.

    1. It's so fab isn't it? Totally underrated! xx


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