Thursday, 1 June 2017

May 2017 in Instagram

Another month, another Instagram update...

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  • After our busy announcement heavy April, we've had a relatively quiet May starting with a bank holiday. This was spent reading, eating and not doing much else. How else are bank holidays meant to be spent? 
  • Southampton Bloggers ventured to Portsmouth to attend the launch night of the Spinnaker Tower's Champagne Sundays. In typical British fashion, it rained but we did still get to take in the fab views from the viewing deck. 
  • I shared our first baby haul! It's all so tiny and I'm ridiculously in love with everything! 
  • We celebrated Arran turning another year older with dinner in L'Osteria before a walk down the front where I snapped this shot of South Western House, my favourite building in Southampton. 
  • Rogues Cafe held a dinner for Southampton Bloggers to sample their food, we're heading back tomorrow for the Sotonbloggers Brunch. YAY for more food and blogging friends. 
  • My beautiful flowers from all at Rogues Cafe for the help I've given them organising the events. They've come out beautifully and are sitting pretty in our kitchen. 
  • We hit the 20 week mark! I feel as though my pregnancy is going so quickly already and he'll be in our arms before we know it. 
  • With the weather hotting up and my body feeling like it's sat on the equator, I've been finding lots of different cool drinks to try, the Mango Passion Fruit Frapp from Starbucks is my fave!
  • My first bump shot, little man is well and truly making his presence known now! 

How was your month in May?


  1. I love Katie Fforde but I've not read her books for years! My May was quiet lovely, I rebranded my blog and got to see my parents :) xx

    1. I hadn't either but I enjoyed it so much xx


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