Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Five Websites for Wedding Inspiration

When we were first engaged, I headed straight to WHSmith to buy allllll the wedding magazines. Since that moment, they mainly just collected dust until I eventually chucked them in the recycling. I've found that I head to Pinterest, wedding blogs or websites more than I pick up a magazine and since that trip to the newsagents almost a year go, I haven't bought a single one. Here are five wedding websites I go back to time and time again.

I first found RMW on Pinterest and quickly bookmarked it. The website is full of tips, real life stories from brides and look books to cover every style and taste. It was launched in 2009 and they most recently released a book, Your Day, Your Way. My favourite parts are the Handpicked Suppliers and DIY & Tutorial sections. You're gonna want to follow on Instagram too. 

I'd never heard of Rock n Roll Bride until I found the magazine in WHSmith and fell in love with it. The photos are beautiful and each page tells the story of a different wedding. It's aimed at alternative brides or anyone not interested in the traditional white wedding like me. With stunning fairy inspired weddings to surprisingly beautiful pub weddings for less than £6000, I can spend hours looking at the various weddings and look books. 

My love of Confetti started on Facebook. Their Facebook page have comment threads called Bridal Request where people can message in with questions, concerns or for advice. I've discovered things through this that I would never have thought of such as what deodorant to wear that won't mark the dress. The website is aimed at the more traditional bride, think big white weddings and over the top table settings but for advice and help, it's number one.    

Another blog I found on Pinterest, Whimsical Weddings is as beautiful as it sounds. Another one stop destination for alternative weddings with tales of real weddings, bridal stories and more. From rustic wood weddings to wild weddings by the sea, the imagery is absolutely gorgeous. The Bride Diaries is probably my favourite section of the site as it's helped me discover more wedding bloggers to follow and obviously stalk on Instagram.

There seems to be a pattern in all the sites I refer to so regularly as they each have the most incredible imagery. The English Wedding Blog is one that came up as a suggestion on Facebook and next minute, I'd liked and followed everything. As well as real wedding stories, there are also Q&As with the brides which I found really interesting especially some of the worries and concerns each bride had. The Wedding Styles section of the blog is also fab as I could narrow down my search so much more and The Directory is bursting full of helpful contacts. It's a great website to have to hand. 



  1. These are some great website, defintiely going to be checking them out

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  2. I LOVE rock 'n' roll bride! I haven't seen all of the others though, I'll definitely keep an eye out! I tend to go to Pinterest (and your boards have been SO helpful!) But I love having a magazine to flick through!
    Hels xx

    1. Haha my Pinterest wedding and real wedding have a massive budget difference xx


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