Tuesday, 6 December 2016

My Winter Boot Collection

When the weather gets colder, you'll usually only find me in boots, whether they're flat, midi or super high, it is the only thing I wear come the Winter. Over the last year I've rapidly grown my boot collection and definitely found styles I love and work for me. I'm also a creature of habit so I tend to buy all my boots from the same places and I know I can always rely on Hotter Shoes for something flat and comfy to keep my toes warm. I have a whole load to show you so be prepared for photos!

Hotter Shoes Samia Boots £79.00
If I want style and comfort I know I can count on Hotter shoes. I think the comfort part sometimes puts younger people off, they seem to think that you can't have both but we can't all walk around in 5" boots all day and with my recent knee injury these have a been a god send. I still get that little bit of height and my feet stay cosy and comfortable. With so many styles available, Hotter has something for everyone, even if you are a little sceptical at first. The Samia boots also have a soft faux fur lining which means I never want to take them off. I also love the look of the County Boots which come in a gorgeous tan colour. 

Quiz Clothing Black Gold Trim Boots £34.99
I have a thing about gold trimmed boots and these are one of my favourites. I wore these to the Bloggers Blog Awards and spent the day clip clopping around. The outer liner is faux suede with a faux suede and gold pull on the zip. The gold trimmed block heel makes them really easy to walk in and means I don't have sore feet at the end of the night. These are going to get a lot of wear over Christmas. 

Ego Official Osha Velvet Boots £39.99
I have fallen head over heels for Ego Official this year. They stock a range of styles for a really good price and the products are great quality too. I wouldn't usually do velvet but these boots jumped out at me. The boots come in three beautiful colours, black, blue and brown and the statement rounded heel was the main selling point for me, matte black with gold trim and velvet, I just love them.

Ego Official Omari Floral Print Boots £34.99
I wasn't sure these would be me but I've worn these non stop and get so many compliments on them My dad does liken them to curtains but they're fabulous and I love them. The block heel makes them incredibly easy to walk in and as they're a little high on the leg than most ankle boots, I find them really flattering too. I'm dying to get my hands on the Zaza Multi Floral print boots next.

My final two pairs from Ego are the Verali boots which are no longer available unfortunately. The black and grey faux suede boots are my everyday essentials and I haven't been seen without them. Again, the block heel makes them incredibly easy to walk in, they're comfortable and I can go 12+ hours in them without any pain. I just hope I don't wear them to death before the winter is out.

My last two pairs for this post are from Primark last year. I love a good chelsea boot, even more so if they have a huge heel on them. I bought the grey pair first then after seeing someone in the burgundy pair, I rushed to buy those too. Both boots are in a faux suede which seems to be my favourite finish in boots by this post! These can be a little painful after a few hours but they look good on so I deal with it. Fashion is pain after all!

What do you think of my boot collection? Where do you buy your faves from?

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  1. What a lovely selection! I'm super jelly. I just have 2 black pairs... not very exciting!! I love your patterned ones xx


    1. I've gone a bit mad the last year, I'm obsessed xx

  2. Am in love with the burgundy boots from primark! And the floral ones are too cute!!!

  3. What a great collection. Love those pink ones, so cute x

    Tiffany Tales | Beauty & Lifestyle

  4. Ooe these are all such awesome looking boots!

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  5. You have an amazing collection! All of your boots are so cute :)

    xo, Liz

  6. I loveee those grey primark boots, what a fab collection you have!

    Sophie xx


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