Tuesday, 1 November 2016

October 2016 in Instagram

Time for another Instagram round up! If you're not already following me then head over to Instagram and search alicespake. Here's a little round up of what I've been doing this month...
  • October was kicked off with a trip to Leeds for the Bloggers Blog Awards. Brogan and I travelled to far lands to drink prosecco and have fun with some fabulous blogging babes. It was a lot of fun and so great to meet so many bloggers I've wanted too for ages. 
  • After all the fun of the Farfetch Retreat, I had my photos emailed to me which were taken by the wondeful Victoria. I love them all so much. 
  • Arran and I went to view our first choice wedding venue at the beginning of the month. It's all feeling a lot more real now and we'll hopefully have a date in the next coming months. 
  • I finally visited a Pumpkin Patch!! I've wanted to do this for so many years but didn't know where to go, turns out there was one ten minutes up the road from me. It was such a fun activity to do and it's now going to become a yearly tradition. 
  • I finally finished reading all the Harry Potter books and swiftly made my way onto The Cursed Child which I bloody loved. I even wore my Hogwarts pyjamas. 
  • The Sophia Websters. I am so in love with them.
  • I've been having lots of fun in the Autumn leaves this month. Arran and I went for breakfast at Halladay's Tearooms before taking outfit photos in the park. I was looking suitably Autumnal.
  • Arran and I became godparents to this beautiful, little munchkin at the end of October. It's been so much fun watching him grow minus the sick on my shoulder and we can't wait for more fun and games. 
  • Halloween! EEK. We stayed in watching Hocus Pocus, eating Zombie Krispy Kremes and waiting for Trick or Treaters. Cosy evenings are my favourite. 
What have you been upto this October? 





  2. I really want to visit a pumpkin patch next year - I've been so jealous of everyone's pictures! Also your Sophia Websters are just beauuuut!
    Amy xx

    1. I'm so in love with the shoes haha I'm already looking at more xx

  3. Sounds like you've had a lovely cosy October and your photos are lovely! Looking forward to hearing more of your wedding plans, it's such an exciting time. My October has mainly been spent on the sofa and in bed drinking coffee and watching my favourite TV shows! x

    Always, Alice

    1. It's been the best! We're off to a wedding fayre this weekend which will be exciting! xx

  4. I keep meaning to do this and then I keep forgetting! But I love reading your posts on it! Georgie xo


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