Tuesday, 2 August 2016

July 2016 in Instagram

1. I finally went and fed the penguins at Marwell Zoo! You can read all about my experience in my I Fed the Penguins at Marwell post. 
2. The Zany Zebras launched in Southampton and Rachel, Arran and I went on a zebra hunt. Glitter Fish which is in Ocean Village is my favourite one!
3. My friends and I went to the Lavender Fields in Alton as well as the Jane Austen Museum and we had the best day. Fooling around in lavender and eating cake in local tea rooms. 
4. Rachel and I saw our beautiful friend Jess graduate. After lunch at Mettricks we headed out to take some photos before our girl donned her cap and went off to the ceremony. 
5. Baby cuddles with Henry is how I've spent most of July. He is just so scrumptious. 

6. The weather has been beautiful and I've been making the most of it with walks around the city centre and visits to the beach. 

7. We had our engagement party at Mettricks Old Town with all our nearest and dearest, the evening was incredible and it was so amazing to see so many of our loved ones. 

8, My parents added the newest link to my Links of London charm bracelet, the engagement ring charm. 
9. My favourite photo from our engagement party thanks to confetti pops sent to us from Etsy. We really did have the best time. 

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  1. Your engagement party looks bloody amazing! I'm glad you had a great time :) and OH MY GOD. I need to feed the penguins are Marwell Zoo! That post is next up on my reads! :)

    Tania | teabee x


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