Monday, 8 August 2016

Engagement Party Favours

The minute after he put a ring on it I was browsing Pinterest for ideas. We weren't originally going to have an Engagement party but as so many of our friends are scattered all over the country and we won't be getting married for a few years we thought why not. I saw lots of different ideas on Pinterest and even though favours for Engagement parties aren't really the done thing we did them anyway as they're such a cute idea. 

My ever faithful snack faves Propercorn provided all the yummy flavours for us to create the favours while I ordered the cellophane bags, yarn and cardboard hearts from Amazon. The wooden brushed crate was provided by Homesense so we could store all the bags inside at the party and it's now going to be used for blanket storage until the wedding where I'll find another use for it.

The Engagement favours were really easy to make and thankfully not a Pinterest fail! We just filled each cellophane bag with some popcorn, tied the bags with yarn then added the cardboard hearts which all said He Popped The Question on one side, with the other displaying the flavour of the popcorn. Our guests loved the favours and it meant everyone was able to take a little bit of our party and theme away with them.

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  1. So fantastic idea.
    Love it.

  2. So cute! If Andy ever pops the question I'll know what to bring to my party!

    Laura x


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