Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Lavender Fields

I received a message from one of my best friends a few weeks back saying we were going to some place called the Lavender Fields because it would make awesome Instagram photos and I didn't have a choice. Fast forward to July 10th and the three of us piled into the car on a very early Sunday morning and made the drive to Alton, Hampshire for a day of fun, sun and of course coffee.

(Kimono - H&M, Cami - Topshop, Jeans - Primark , Boots - Primark , Hat - Primark, Sunglasses - Ebay)

We started the day at the Jane Austen House Museum followed by cream teas while we waited for the sun to finally break through after a pretty rainy morning. By the time we hit the Lavender Fields, the sky was blue, the sun was shining bright and it really heated up. 

We went straight to the fields to prance around, take silly selfies and get those oh so important Instagram shots. We had the sort of day you can only have with your besties, we ducked away from bees, ruined each others perfectly set up photos and laid in the sun before jumping on the tractor ride around the farm. We have lots more planned so expect some more fashion posts the next coming months!



  1. This sounds like the best day! Especially the cream tea part haha x

    Everything But The Kitchen

  2. Was just investigating where I could find lavender fields and then seeyour post - they are beautiful - love your hat too!
    Sheila @cakeReev

    1. Ah that's fab! It's such a fun and easy day out xx

  3. What a beautiful location for photos and I love that your outfit kinda matches!
    Amy xx

    1. Thank you! My favourite kimono at the moment! xx

  4. Such a pretty filed! I love the outfit


  5. Such pretty photos!!
    Kathy x


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