Thursday, 9 June 2016

White Sands & Blue Seas

White and blue always reminds me of summers abroad, the white of the sands, occasional clouds and stone washed villas and the blue hues of the sea, sky and swimming pools. Pretty, white dresses are the ultimate summer staple and this cotton white dress, with cut out details has seen me through a number of summers.

I bought this in River Island nearly four years go and as we don't get much of a summer in the UK, it's barely been worn. It's had more outings in Spain than it ever has on home soil. 

I always like to pair it with a vibrant kimono, I have quite the collection as they're so easy to throw on for many different occasions and this blue, black and white printed kimono, again from River Island is a firm favourite. It's a light, cotton fabric with long sleeves and can be dressed up or down. 

It also has pockets which I find really handy to keep my phone or camera in. Accessories are from Primark again, brown laser cut shoes and a pretty, embroided clutch. My sunglasses are from Ebay at bargain of £4.14. I saw these on the mega babe, Hannah Gale and couldn't believe how cheap they were, she sent me the link and two-three weeks later (darn shipping) I had them in my little mitts and I LOVE THEM. 

My week of fashion posts is almost up, eek! Hope you've been enjoying them. Don't abuse me too much for my crappy poses!



  1. Yes, please do more beauty posts. This is so summery & makes me want to go holiday. The blue & white theme is a winner to me :)
    Bee |

    1. I always do beauty posts duhhhhh aha I may do some more fashion posts too :) Xx

  2. Ps. Clearly I meant to say *do more fashion posts!!!
    Bee |

  3. I love your outfit!

    xo, Liz


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