Sunday, 1 May 2016

April 2016 in Instagram

1. April was a fun month full of sunshine, smoothies, catching up with friends and looking forward to summer. Really loving the smoothies from Mettricks at the moment and the perfect place to enjoy them is down on Southampton Waterfront. 
2. I hit 10,000 followers on Instagram this month and celebrated with a bath, glass of wine and one of my favourite face masks from Lush. 
3. Naked Smoky finally joined the Urban Decay family. I'd held back from buying it for so long because I didn't think I needed it but I've been using it all month. 
4. April was a pretty boozy month thanks to the sun shining bright. Nothing better than enjoying the evening sun with a few mojitos with your best friends. 

5. Cherry Blossom finally started to appear on the trees in some of Southampton's parks, I have to walk through one to work and snapped this on my way home. 

6. It wouldn't be a good month if I wasn't enjoying cake somewhere. My mum and I had a few coffees and a huge slab of Coffee & Walnut cake from Mettricks one afternoon. 
7. Arran and I have been prioritising more 'us' time recently, with us both working full time plus my blog we don't always get the chance but we've had a lovely month. 
8. One of our date nights was spent at The Stable which has opened in Southampton's Guildhall Square, pizza and cider is definitely one way to keep me happy. 
9. Starbucks released their Spring cups and the world went mad, but look how pretty! 

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  1. Your Instagram feed is always so pretty and varied, I love it! I definitely need one of those pizzas in my life. Thoroughly enjoyed seeing your round up for the month.

    Alice ♡ // beautybyalicee

    1. Thank you! The Stable is so good for pizza, you'll have to see if they have one near you xx


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