Friday, 1 April 2016

Coffee Tasting with Mettricks

Coffee is the fuel that keeps me blogging and Mettricks has been my coffee house of choice ever since it opened, independent run with the best coffee and cakes in Southampton, it's a favourite for most in the south. A couple of weeks ago Sotonbloggers and Mettricks held their first event together, a coffee cupping session where we were taught the history of coffee and its origin followed by a tasting session. 

Dom lead the talk starting with where coffee originated from and where you'll find it today, commonly known as the bean belt, a coffee plant won't grow outside of the equator. Huge fields of plants are grown and it is the pit inside of the berries grown on these trees where you'll find the beans. I never realised coffee beans came from berries, considering I drink enough to keep a cruise ship afloat you'd think I'd be more clued up. So much work goes into the coffee we drink, almost 180 hours per cup which is just crazy to think about. 

As well as the origin, Dom talked us through the flavours of coffee which is where the tasting session came in. Each cup was labelled A-J and we were asked to try each one and decide on what flavour they gave. Each cup had the beans next to them showing the type of roast they were so we could make a better decision based on what Dom had just talked us through during the coffee presentation. 

Dom and James showed us how to sample the coffee correctly with a big slurp, making sure we were able to taste all of the flavours. Slurping coffee with bloggers you hadn't met before definitely broke the ice! After we'd each tried what was on offer, the guys revealed what was in each cup and there were some real surprises. The whole evening was fun, relaxed and so interesting, I think we all came away with a pouch of Mettrick's finest and our coffee knowledge much better off.

If you fancy yourself as a coffee buff then why not give Mettricks an email on and book in for one of their coffee masterclasses.



  1. I've only been to Mettricks a couple of times, but whenever I've been it's been great. I really need to go again when I'm back in Southampton next week!

    Emily // Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


    1. I spend far too much time there but I love it there :) xx


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