Saturday, 6 February 2016

My Five YouTube Favourites

I've been watching YouTube for a number of years now be it for beauty tips, music videos or James Corden's Carpool Karaoke and my subscription box is full of vlogging lovelies. My guilty pleasure is sitting on my own for a few hours, binge watching what other people do in their day to day lives, seeing what they get up to, what make up they're using and more so I thought I'd show you who I keep going back to watch again and again...

I've known Brogan for a couple of years now. She is the sweetest, most genuine person and what you see on her weekly vlogs is exactly what you get in the flesh. Every Monday evening I catch up with her latest vlog to see what she's been up to and usually end up whatsapping her with questions. It's been amazing to see how much she's grown as a person the last year, to see her get recognised for all her hard work and seeing her hit those subscriber milestones. In between the weekly vlogs you'll also find videos on beauty and fashion, there is everything you'd want from a YouTube channel. You definitely need a bit of Brogan in your sub box. 

I've followed Victoria from In The Frow for a good few years now and it's been amazing to see the incredible things she's done in the last year alone. The girl gives me serious hair and make up envy but she is always the one person I look to first when I need to find a review of something. Victoria also always replies to tweets on Twitter something I find isn't always the 'done thing' with bigger bloggers. She comes across as so real and down to earth and I love that. In The Frow is definitely a channel you need to watch, you'll 100% fall in love. 

Lydia is the newest edition to my subscription box. I came across Lydia on Twitter when there were tweets about someone trolling her, she was incredibly open about it on Snapchat and I instantly went to her YouTube channel to see what sort of videos she posted and I instantly loved her, a few hours later I was still watching old videos. From fashion posts to vlogs and make up tips, Lydia has a bit of everything. Her make up skills are amazing and I wish I could pull off a brown matte lip the same way, here's hoping eh? I find myself lost in her videos for hours and Lydia fully deserves all her subscribers and more.

Jodie is another newbie to my subscription box. She comes across so bubbly and it's such a fab quality to have, especially in her vlogs as I find it helps me connect a bit better. I love watching her haul videos, especially for Primark as she finds some awesome bits. Jodie just brightens up my subscription box and if I've had a crap day then I know one of her videos will put me in a better mood again. The girl has magical powers. 

I first came across Hannah after she followed me on Instagram, I then did a stalking session of her Instagram, blog, Twitter and Youtube, you know the usual stuff and discovered this blonde beauty is a pretty sassy lady. Her blog posts are incredible and her vlogs make me laugh out loud. She's real, tells it how it is and I have wardrobe envy. Hannah's personality shines through her videos and I love that, especially as we're the same age and a lot of things she discusses, goes through my head too. The girl deserves a hell of a lot more subscribers. 

Who are your favourite Youtubers to watch at the moment?



  1. Totally opened all these up in tabs to watch now haha, what else am I gonna do on a Saturday when I feel POOP xxx


    1. Haha exactly! Add them to your sub box immediately xx

  2. Thanks for sharing this list!
    I've got a few new people to follow!
    Helen ♥


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