Monday, 1 February 2016

January 2016 in Instagram

1. January started off with celebratory Nandos and cocktails with the blogging girls for my birthday. They surprised me with the most incredible present and in July I'm going to be a penguin keeper!

2. January was also the month of eating out, I'm surprised I managed to lose any weight this month but I did! I ate at Nandos, Nara Sushi, 7Bone, Revolutions, Neighbourhood, Mettricks... The list is pretty long.

3. I finally tried 7Bone which was incredible! Read my post on it here. You can find 7Bone in Portswood in Southampton and you really won't try a better burger!!

4. Lush launched their Valentine's range with Unicorn horn and The Kiss scrub coming back, I'm really excited to attend their event in a few weeks too.

5. I bought the coat of dreams from Topshop then tried to be a fashion blogger and flap around posing in it. Check out my awkward poses - The New Coat.

6. I wrote a post on Interracial Relationships & Everyday Racism a few weeks back and the response was overwhelming! I'm so glad I finally wrote it, I'd wanted to for such a long time but I wasn't sure how it would go down and I just thought fuck it in the end. 

7. Urban Decay launched the full Gwen Stefani range and I had to stop myself from buying everything. There's still time, I need the lipsticks. 

8. Neighbourhood opened in Southampton before Christmas to rave reviews so I went in to try their mid week special, a whole chicken, chips and 'slaw. I had help eating it in the form of my lovely partner and we had such a wonderful evening. 

9. Clinique launched their new eye brightening gel called Pep-Start so myself and the blogging girls went along to their blogging event to find out more. I ended up walking away with a new chubby highlighter and we finished the evening with food and cocktails at Revolutions.

How was your January?

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