Monday, 16 November 2015

Clarins Christmas Event

Clarins recently held their annual Christmas event in John Lewis, West Quay and I was invited along with some of the girls to drink some prosecco, eat mince pies and try out some of their products. The event was held in the restaurant of John Lewis on the very top level and was laid out with mini spa stations with Clarins staff on hand to help you with any questions you had.

(All photos by Jess Snook)

Whenever I go to a Clarins counter I always come away with facial skin care, I've never looked into their body care or make up before so the first station I went to was for their body care. I was shown the Smoothing Body Scrub, Moisture Rich body cream and Eau Ressourçante treatment fragrance each as luxurious as the next.

There were raffles and competitions held throughout the night including 'Perfect Pout' where we were each matched to a lipstick and asked to kiss a post-it, whoever had the perfect pout won a prize. They have some beautiful lipstick shades which I really need to look into in future instead of just sticking to trusty Mac Cosmetics. 

After an hour or so experiencing the treatments on offer we were shown how to do a five minute, ten minute and fifteen minute make up look with myself, Tanya and Jess being the models for the evening. I'm a full coverage girl through and through so having my make up removed in front of forty odd people I'd never met then having just the BB Skin Perfecting Cream applied with some cream blusher was a slight shock but I loved the five minute make up look that was applied to my skin. I may even try to recreate it myself if I have the bottle.

Clarins were so helpful and welcoming all evening and we were all given a pouch of products at the end of the night to take home and try. I'm definitely going to be making more of an effort to explore Clarins in the future. I had such a lovely evening with the girls which was made better surrounded by make up and skincare products.


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