Tuesday, 30 September 2014

September in Instagram

1. After many tweets from various blogger friends, I finally posted my MAC Lipstick Collection because I wasn't planning on buying any new ones.. How wrong was I?!

2. Myself and Amy went to Mettricks for coffee, cake and a catch up. We're currently planning the second #sotonmeetup!

3. I had a very exciting delivery from NARS Cosmetics. Customer service at its best, I love a brand who appreciates their customers especially when it's a limited edition palette.

4. I went to Mettricks again, this time for cocktails with a friend. I had the Mettricks Garden and my friend had a Raspberry Mojito. How yummy do they look?

5. Birchbox time again! I LOVED September's Birchbox, probably one of my favourite ones so far!

6. I took another mirror selfie, this time in my new black duster jacket and chelsea boots.

7. It was Back to Mac time and I came home with Rebel which I have not stopped wearing!

8. Urban Decay announced the release of the Vice 3. Beyond excited!! 

9. Bath time! Nothing better than candles, soft bubbles and a hour to yourself in the tub.



  1. Great Post, I've just purchased a MAC Lipstick in Creme Cup. It's such a gorgeous, nude pink.
    Kate x

    1. Thank sweetie. Creme Cup is one of those ultimate shades! One I am yet to buy though! xx

  2. I've just written up a similar post to publish tomorrow - I love snooping on peoples photos!! Your MAC collection puts me to shame because I can't even decide which one to choose to start up my collection... eeeep. Those cocktails look absolutely delicious too, I could definitely do with one right now. Loving your duster coat too! xxx

    Hannah xo | hannatalks

    1. I love these sorts of posts so will keep an eye out for yours tomorrow sweetie. The cocktails were so yummy! xx

  3. Gotta love a sneak peek of a blogger's month!

  4. Sadly, I still don't own any MAC lipsticks :( I'd love to buy Rebel though, it looks gorgeous!

    Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


    1. Rebel is beautiful, you should definitely treat yourself ;) xx


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